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Meta will increase the cost of the Quest 2 to $400.

Prices tend to go down as devices age, but Meta Quest 2 is an exception. According to UploadVR, Meta will increase the cost of the Quest 2 on August 1 from $299 to $400 for the base 128GB device and from $399 to $500 for the 256GB variant. As of this writing, the VR headset is still available for $299 on Amazon, but you may want to move in soon as supplies may run out soon.


Prices for the refreshed Quest 2 headsets are up to $349 and $429, respectively, for the 128GB and 256GB models. Also, expect an increase in accessory costs. By providing free copies of Beat Saber to new customers between August 1 and December 31, Meta will partially offset the price increase.


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The company attributed the increase to higher freight and production costs. According to one blog, the Quest 2’s price increase will allow Meta to “expand [its investment]” in virtual reality research and development. Project Cambria’s high-end helmet was used as an illustration by Meta, who also confirmed that “new generations” of Quest are in the works.

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