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Thor: Love and Thunder

Whatever you say about the Jason Aaron and Esad Rebek-directed film Thor: God of Thunder, which you are free to do, just remember that anything other than “it’s probably the best comedy Marvel has done in the world over the past decade” will likely make it appear funny in most circuits. However, the qualities that have made the comic book saga so captivating have also rendered it unsuitable for adaptation at this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More aggressively than many of his contemporaries, Aaron took up the question of what would happen if a hated and spiteful atheist were to discover the existence of selfish gods and be given the power to slay them

Thor love and thunder rotten tomatoes:

Rebek’s beautiful artwork with Vermeer’s colors gives the story a painterly majesty usually reserved for larger documents like the destruction of Pompeii, for example. It’s mostly metal, though, which means it’s very serious and intentionally humorous, as well as a bit vulgar, at least for comic book buffs (for a larger ride and something definitely worth going to the Vatican). Contempt, Discovery of the Cursed Aaron, a brutal distortion of Genesis from Cain’s point of view). Whoever Taika Waititi is – a brilliant comedian, a decent filmmaker, an Oscar-winning screenwriter – he is not a metal fever goat. The “should be painted on the side of a car” moniker is often given on films that one might consider worthy, but it always makes me look more professional, which is exactly how Waititi does: a bridge stupid player, self-aware. try to enjoy metal hair without having to distinguish between excessive enjoyment (metal hair) and excess, like red hair, which can clump if not careful or skillful (prog). Thor: Love and Thunder are final.

when does thor love and thunder come out ?

It Will Come on July 6, 2022

thor ragnarok rotten tomatoes:

The essence of Aaron and Rebek’s story remains the same: an avenger named Gore (Christian Bale) acquires a legendary weapon known as the Necrosword, which can slay the gods, and only Thor (Chris Hemsworth) ) and Budd was able to stop him before he was killed. engagement. was found. A way to completely eliminate the universe of gods. However, a lot has changed: Gore is now a true believer in the true God of Gold, who let his followers (including Gore’s daughter) die in the desert while enjoying himself. space of an oasis, simplifying some complicated things. . Your personality; Instead of trying to create a “magic bomb”, which only three of Thor can stop throughout the story (Young, Karent, and King), he seeks to wish the gods existed. “But the Infinity Gauntlet is over,” he said, and believe me, Kevin Feige found another way for the Marvel entity to replace it (talking about arranging to preserve the “sacred plot”) for this movie.

Thor love and thunder release date:

release date for Thor love and thunder Comes on July 6, 2022

Thor love and thunder spoiler review :

Similarly, Thor’s motives are different: instead of being a confident badass forced to solve the mystery of who’s attacking those orbs, well, he brags that he’s no longer a “big brother” ‘ as it was then. the game ends. , in the meantime spend time working both physically and mentally with Guardians of the Galaxy. Still wandering, rockman Korg (Whiteti, narrator of parts of the film), immediately reaches out to Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), the king of New Asgard, who has turned into a tourist trap under his watch. me, to rescue him. Butcher of God.

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